5 Things I’ve Learned Over The Last 20 Years As A Professional Copywriter

I do all of my work exactly in this position. Especially long copy.

Copywriting is easy, fun, glamorous, and exciting.

The “without sink” version was my idea. Upsells/downsells, you know.

Use Technology To Accomplish Miracles

Extra Credit

  • There’s no way to ride camels and sit on beaches all day and be a successful writer. (Even if they have a picture to prove it.)
  • Sand, salt, and spilled sugary alcoholic drinks make for a shitty writing environment.
  • Find a place to work where it’s quiet. Unless you do your best work in noisy environments, then screw that last advice.



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Jack Humphrey

Producer & Host of the Rewilding Earth Podcast. I publish articles on environment, conservation, spirituality, ecosophy, biocentrism, motivation, and marketing.