Being a part of the conservation movement since 1991, I quickly grew weary of talking about the value of thriving nature exclusively in terms of what it can do for humans. The term “environmental services” grinds like sand on a sunburn to those of us who have values beyond just saving humanity from a fiery, violent, hungry future.

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What if the best argument for nature is simply that it exists in the first place?

We don’t truly know how or why anything in nature exists in the first place. Therefore, everything in it, all of it, has intrinsic value.

Most of the time when people discuss the value of clean water, ancient forests, clean air, wilderness…

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Up early. I needed to get to the lab for blood work by 7:30. I hoped to beat the crowd and get in and out without touching anything or getting too close to people. The pandemic is in full swing and the fear has become palpable. A great day to venture into the void of compassionless survival mode.

Outside I was greeted by a dense fog, adding even more grey (Indiana’s state color) to the early spring morning. By late March in our state we haven’t fully shaken the sweaty chill of the end of winter. I don’t even know…

Actually, we can! And Amy Lewis from Wild Foundation and Nature Needs Half shares the plan on the latest Rewilding Earth podcast

Amy Lewis, Vice President of Policy & Communications for Wild Foundation

Listen To Amy’s Plan on The Rewilding Earth Podcast


Amy Lewis is Vice President of Policy & Communications for Wild Foundation and works closely with the organization Nature Needs Half. Amy has spent the last 15 years researching the building blocks of collective action. She has brought this knowledge to bear in her own work as an award-winning nonprofit leader and as a scholar of environmental policy.

Her research explores the relationship between democratic decision-making and policies that benefit the environment. She delights in uncovering the deep…

This simple, powerful mind hack will enable you to achieve really big things by finally sticking to the plan, even if you’re usually the worst procrastinator or the first to give up on your goals .

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After you’ve read and understand this powerful way to hack your brain, radically reducing your likelihood of failure, you’re going to freak.

That’s because the simplicity of it belies its effectiveness.

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Be it known, on this day of February 8, 2020, we still had a chance to begin the real work on the human race’s greatest Hail Mary in our very short history on this planet. This article serves as record, for anyone who may find it 500–1000 years from now, that we still had a chance to save ourselves and a plan for how it could be done.

However infinitesimal this chance, world leaders could still heed the warnings and de-escalate the new nuclear buildup. We could halt the mass slaughter of wildlife, destruction of habitat, and protect our remaining…

Sometimes, after a long day of bad environmental news, I fantasize about the rapid rewilding of giant chunks of our planet.

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After a day of headlines hollows out your heart with an ice cream scoop, it’s good to just stop trying to even understand why we are doing this to ourselves and simply meditate on what the Earth would do, starting right now, if we all just vanished.

Bad news is the bread-and-butter of writers and news agencies. Without it, they fear, they’d lose readers and viewers and go out of business. This is why they’re wrong.

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The doom fetish business is booming. You can’t swing an endangered species over your head without hitting someone who is reading or watching disaster porn.

What is disaster porn?

It’s what you see most of on the web’s news aggregators. It’s most often the headline story on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. (And politics is only the beginning.)

I do all of my work exactly in this position. Especially long copy.

Copywriting is easy, fun, glamorous, and exciting.

Writing on a private beach in Costa Rica, sipping something that makes you wish you were me, I think back on my 20 year career as a copywriter with nothing but pride.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing I would take back. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat without changing a thing. Why would I when this kind of stuff happens all the time in my world?

It was 2004 and I was on safari in Kenya, sipping that beer/wine/colada drink you so envy, when my phone rang. The voice on the other side, which sounded…

What if we trained our minds as much as Olympic athletes train their bodies?

Imagine what the world would be like if more people were practicing meditation daily. Seriously, stop for a moment and visualize what it would be like to walk down the street in your neighborhood if meditation and mindfulness were a part of your neighbors’ daily lives!

Even grumpy old man Cravitz would wave and smile at you!

Think about how hard the greatest athletes in the world work at their sport…

  • Conditioning their bodies relentlessly.
  • Meticulously feeding themselves only the best foods at the right times to reach peak performance.
  • Working on their minds to match their physical conditioning so…

Jack Humphrey

Producer & Host of the Rewilding Earth Podcast. I publish articles on environment, conservation, spirituality, ecosophy, biocentrism, motivation, and marketing.

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