Locking It In: A Foolproof Way To Achieve Any Goal

Jack Humphrey
6 min readFeb 8, 2020


This simple, powerful mind hack will enable you to achieve really big things by finally sticking to the plan, even if you’re usually the worst procrastinator or the first to give up on your goals .

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After you’ve read and understand this powerful way to hack your brain, radically reducing your likelihood of failure, you’re going to freak.

That’s because the simplicity of it belies its effectiveness. After you’ve read about 100 articles on motivation, self help, goal-setting, sticking to your diet, workouts, weight loss, or finishing that book, you know how complicated we can make the act of achieving our goals.

Experts tout so many intricate and opposing ways to achieve our goals. The fact that “Locking It In” will finally work for you, and that it is crazy simple, will give you a chuckle when you think back on all the other tricks and methods you’ve tried and failed in the past.

What Is “Locking It In?”

Making a goal and creating a plan can feel great. But that alone will not see you through to the finish line. Sadly, setting a goal is where most people begin the process of failing; right at the beginning!

After you have set a goal you have to lock it in.

I was the world’s best procrastinator. The Michael Jordan of blowing deadlines.

That was true until I discovered a mind hack, out of utter frustration with my inability to see things through, that I use to achieve every goal I have to this day. While I always have the choice to blow it or at least experience a setback, I make those kinds of bad choices about 90% less than I did before. Radically upping my success rate at anything I want to accomplish.

Locking it in is a mental hack. It is a way to take a decision you’ve made to do something and make sure that absolutely nothing will knock you off course on the road to achieving it.

I’ll give you an example, though you can use this method with any goal you have.

Goal: Losing 50 pounds in 5 months

Typical result for most people: 1 month strong, then a fairly rapid regression to the habits that made them 50 lbs overweight in the first place.

Locking the goal in: Most likely to succeed with the least amount of mental torture and without resorting to the suffering created by sheer willpower.

Once you’ve decided what you want, in this case, losing weight, you have a new step to take before embarking on your journey to ensure you see your goal weight on the scale.

Do The Hack

This is part meditation, part visualization. It is very powerful as long as you don’t blow it off energetically because it seems so simple. By that I mean, don’t sabotage this method by doing a subconscious “eye roll” while you’re doing it! This is the real deal.

Step One: Know why you’re setting this goal in the first place. Feel it in every way you can and take as long as you want, as long as you are enjoying the visualization and it is positive.

Sit in a comfortable quiet place (don’t do this in a coffee shop) and bring up your goal in your mind’s eye. In this case, losing 50 pounds.

Then picture what you will look like once you’ve hit this goal. Do the best you can, but just get the feeling of it. You’ll move better, bein less pain, and you’ll look and feel better. Stay focused on the different ways your life will be better and feel them. Smiling while you do this helps a lot.

Step Two: Now feel all the things you have planned from now until you hit your goal. In other words, visualize eating healthy meals, waking up early to workout, bypassing temptation, celebrating month one, month three, and the day you hit your goal.

This is your life now. You aren’t dieting. You aren’t on a workout plan to fit into a bathing suit by vacation. This is your life. This is the rest of your life. This is your new normal that you are visualizing.

After the next step, you will have said goodbye to who you are right now. Right now you are someone who has failed before. Right now you are someone who eats unhealthy and skips workouts. Right now you are everything a person could be who is overweight and miserable about it.

In a moment, you will no longer be that person because you are about to lock in the new You 2.0!


Step Three: Lock It In!

Visualize where you are sitting right now, eyes closed, with whatever you’re wearing and however you are feeling. This is you neutral. You can be anything right now. You can move forward or you can stay the same person.

In order to lock in what you visualized in the first 2 steps, you must end the period of your life leading up to this moment. You must absolutely, irrevocably cut it off. The only thing left of you in the next moment will be the You 2.0 who loses 50 pounds by a certain date. And so much more.

Once you’ve got a clear picture in mind of the old you and the new you, picture a 3 foot thick brick wall being built right behind you. Right at your back. Behind you is the past. The old you. In front of your wall, right at your back, is the future.

As you see each brick being placed, recognize that this thick, impenetrable wall is going up between “now you” and “old you.” Slowly, the old you begins to disappear behind this thick brick wall you’ve built.

Now, picture 3-inch thick steel slabs sliding into place on both sides of the wall you just built. Picture heavy bolts securing them to the brick wall. An added, solid, completely impregnable covering on top of the solid, over-built brick wall in the middle.

You are now cut off from everything that made you the person who didn’t like eating healthy. You are cut off completely from the person you were, who hated working out.

You can’t go back, even if you think in moments of weakness that you’d want to. It is impossible to go anywhere but forward now, and the only map you have is your plan to achieve your goal. One way. One route. No other choice available to you so there’s no way to veer off course or fail this time.

Making It Stick

When the temptation to procrastinate or cheat comes up during your new life, repeat the phrase “I locked it in.” I often say to myself in moments of weakness “Nope! I locked it in!” or “I’m locked in!” The feeling you should have immediately upon feeling the phrase is power. Strength. Like something is backing you up and you’re not all alone in a pure willpower struggle that we so often lose.

What that phrase means to you now is everything you put into the exercise above. You made a very solid deal with yourself. You made it with an entirely new version of yourself. “Lock It In” is a trigger for you now. Something to snap you immediately back to focus when you are in danger of losing it.

If you do the exercise with the right energy (going all in and leaving no doubt) then you will have created an extremely powerful tool that works for you with any goal you set in life.

It doesn’t just work in month one. It works every day, week, and month along your entire journey to accomplishing any goal. Unlike any other method you’ve tried before, the strength of locking it in never diminishes. You never have to start over.

I quit smoking with this method. I lost weight with this method. I hit my deadlines with this method. It really works for me. I hope it does for you as well!

Lock It In!



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